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Grapevines are extremely sensitive to the application of certain herbicides commonly used by farmers and homeowners, especially phenoxy herbicides. Phenoxy herbicides include 2,4-D, MCPA, Crossbow, Banvel, Garlon, Weed-B-Gone, and Brush Killer, among others.

Grapevines are most vulnerable to phenoxy herbicides from the early growing season through the bloom and fruit set period (mid-March through June), but are sensitive throughout the grapevine’s growing season (mid-March through October). Damage can range from leaf malformation to total crop loss.

Drift of spray droplets and vapor drift can affect vineyards. In the former case, small particles can move with the wind, land on grapes, and be absorbed into the grapevine. The smaller the droplet, the further it will travel. With vapor drift volatile herbicides can produce vapors that are carried several miles from the target area even weeks after application.


Over the past year, the Oregon Winegrowers Association has undertaken an extensive education and outreach strategy with agriculture stakeholders and the Oregon Department of Agriculture to raise awareness about herbicide drift damage to sensitive crops like wine grapes. We are asking winegrowers to please do your part by contacting neighbors before bud break, or as soon as possible, to inform them about the location of your vineyards and wine grape susceptibility to very low levels of phenoxy herbicides. A sample neighbor letter, 2-page background document with suggestions to avoid drift and an Oregon Department of Agriculture brochure are provided below to assist you:

For more information, please download these OWA herbicide resources: 


As part of OWA’s effort in 2014 to raise awareness and effectively document the impacts of herbicide drift, ODA received the highest number of complaints involving vineyards it has seen in about a decade. Timely reporting is one of our industry’s most valuable tools in highlighting the scope and magnitude of drift incidents, and allowing us to better educate the various audiences who can contribute to solutions. We encourage vineyards to report via ODA’s website if you encounter problems.

If you choose not to report to ODA, please complete our internal wine industry survey so we can document the extent of damage during the 2017 growing season.

Contact Jana McKamey for further information

P.O. Box 12109
Portland, OR 97212
(503) 902-9522

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