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Current OWA Professional Members

The Oregon Winegrowers Association is a voluntary membership-based organization that provides legislative and regulatory advocacy and lobbying for the Oregon wine grape and wine industry. The OWA provides a unified voice on key industry issues before state and federal government agencies, legislative bodies and related associations. We work to develop a positive and favorable environment for Oregon’s wineries and wine grape growers. Below you will find a list of our current OWA members. For questions about your Membership, please contact


2016 Professional Members

(Membership List as of september 16, 2016)

2Hawk Vineyard and Winery
A Blooming Hill Vineyard
Abacela Winery
Adea Wine Company
Adelsheim Vineyard
Agate Ridge
Alexana Winery
Alloro Vineyard
Analemma Wines
Anam Cara Cellars
Andante Vineyard
Anderson Family Vineyard
Ankeny Winery
Anne Amie Vineyards
Antica Terra
Aramenta Cellar at Ribbon Ridge
Arbre Vert Vineyard
Archery Summit
Argyle Winery
Ash Creek Vineyards
Au Vineyards
August Cellars/Chehalem Uplands
Aurora Colony Vineyards
Ayres Vineyard & Winery
Bailey Estate Vineyards
Balanza Vineyard
Becker Vineyard
Beckham Estate Vineyard
Bella Vida Vineyard
Belle Pente Vineyard & Winery
Bergstrom Wines
Bethel Heights Vineyard
Bjornson Vineyard
Blakeslee Vineyard
Bois Joli Vineyard
Bradshaw Vineyards
Brandborg Vineyard and Winery
Bravura Cellars
Brick House Wine Co
Brigadoon Vineyards
Brittan Vineyards
Broadley Vineyards
Bryn Mawr Vineyards
Calamity Hill Vineyard
Cameron Winery
Cana's Feast Winery
Carlton Winemakers Studio
Cathedral Ridge Winery
Celestina Vineyard
Cerulean Skies
Chapter 24 Vineyards
Chehalem Crossing Family Estate Vineyards
Cherry Hill Winery
Christopher Bridge Cellars
Cloudrest Vineyards
Cochran Vineyard
Coelho Winery Inc
Colene Clemens Vineyards
Coria Estate Wines
Cornerstone Oregon
Corus Estates & Vineyards
Cottonwood Winery of Oregon
Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden
Crannell Farms
Crawford Beck Vineyard
Cristom Vineyards
Croft Vineyards
Crow Valley Vineyard
Cubanisimo Vineyards
Daisy Creek Vineyard
Dana Campbell Vineyards
DANCIN Vineyards
David Hill Vineyards and Winery
Deerhaven Vineyards
Deerwood Vineyard
Della Terra
Dinsdale / Two Rivers Vineyard
Dion Vineyards
Division Winemaking Company
Domaine Divio
Domaine Drouhin
Domaine Margelle
Domaine Roy & fils
Domaine Serene
Domaine Verdant
Dominio IV
Don Carlo Vineyard
Dovydenas Wine
Draper Valley Farms
Dukes Family Vineyards
Dunning Vineyards
Durant Vineyards
dusky goose
Dusted Valley
Dylan's Run Vineyard
Earthsong Vineyard
Edgefield Winery
Edgevale Vineyards
Elizabeth Chambers Cellar
Elk Creek Farm
Elkhorn Ridge Vineyards & Winery
ELV Holdings Inc
Eminent Domaine
Eola Hills Vineyard
Erath Winery
Evans Timber
Evening Land Vineyards
Fairsing Vineyard
Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards
Ferguson Vineyard
Finnigan Hill Vineyards
Firethorn Vineyard
Flaneur Wines
Flying Dutchman Winery
Folin Cellars
Forest Edge Vineyard
Foris Vineyards Winery
Fractal Cellars
Fullerton Wines
Garnier Vineyards
Garvin Family
Gelardi Vineyard
Ghost Hill Cellars
Gold Vineyard
Golden Leaf Farms
Goschie Farms
Grapehead Vineyard
Greenwood Vineyard
Gresser Vineyards
Grizzly Peak Winery
Guild WInemakers
Hamacher Wines
Hampton Vineyards
Harper Voit Wines
Hauer of Dauen
Hawks View Cellars
Hayworth Estate Wines
Hazelfern Cellars
Helioterra Wines
Helvetia Vineyards & Winery
Hiyu Wine Farm
Holmes Gap Vineyard
Hood Crest Winery
Idiot's Grace
Illahe Vineyards
iOTA Cellars/Pelos Sandberg Vineyard
Iris Vineyards
Irvine Vineyards
J.K. Carriere
Jackson Family Enterprises
JMD Vineyard
Johan Vineyards
Kalita Vineyard
King Estate Winery
Knudsen Vineyards
Koosah Farm
Kramer Vineyards
Kriselle Cellars
La Chouette Vineyard
La Colina Vineyard
Lange Estate Winery
Laurel Ridge Winery
Lazy River Vineyard
Ledger David Cellars
Left Coast Cellars
Lemelson Vineyards
Lewman Vineyard
Lobenhaus Vineyard
Mahonia Vineyards and Nursery
Maragas Winery
Mary's Peak Vineyard
Matteri Vineyards
McClellan Estate Vineyard
McCleskey Cellars
Meredith Mitchell Vineyards
Merten Vineyards
Methven Family Vineyards and Winery
Misty Oaks Vineyards
MonksGate Vineyard & Wines
Mt. Hood Winery
Muska Vineyard
Naked Wines
Native Flora
Naumes Crush and Fermentation
Nemarniki Vineyards
NV Hill Farm
Nysa Vineyard
One Heart Vineyard
Open Claim
Orchard Heights Winery
Oswego Hills Winery
Owen Roe
Palmer Creek Vineyards
Panache Cellars
Paradox Vineyard
Pebblestone Cellars
Penner-Ash Wine Cellars
Petes Mountain Vineyard
Pfeiffer Vineyards
Pheasant Hill
Phelps Creek Vineyards
Piluso Vineyard and Winery
Plagmann Farms
Plaisance Ranch
Plumhill vineyards
Potters Vineyard
Prince Hill Vineyards
Pudding River Wine Cellars
Quady North
Quail Run Vineyards
Quintet Cellars
Rain Dance Vineyards
Rainbow Ridge Vineyard
RainSong Vineyard
Raptor Ridge Winery
Redhawk Winery
Redman Wines
Remy Wines
Ribbon Ridge Vineyard
River's Edge Winery
Robinson Family Vineyard
Rocky Hill Viticulture
Rocky Knoll
Sarver Winery
Sass Winery
Season Cellars
Serra Vineyards
Seven Hills Vineyard
Shea Wine Cellars
Siltstone Wines
Silvan Ridge Winery
Simonds/Dell'uccello Vineyard
SJR Vineyard
Sokol Blosser Winery
Soter Vineyards
Spangler Vineyards & Winery
St. Innocent Winery
Stafford Vineyard
Stag Hollow Wines
Stangeland Winery
Stanton Vineyard
Starling Crest Vineyard
Stave & Stone WInery
Stella Maris Vineyard
Stewart Family Vineyard
Stirling Wine Grapes Inc.
Stoller Family Estate
Stonefield Vineyards
Stormy Morning Vineyard
Sunnyside Vineyard
Sweet Cheeks Winery
Sylvanus Wines
Temperance Hill Vineyard
Terrapin Cellars
Terrarossa Vineyard
Terry Family Wines
The Capra Company
The Grapeyard
The Morne Wine Co
Thistle Wines / Jennison Wine Company
Three carriages vineyard
Toluca Lane Vineyard
Treos Wines
Triple H Vineyard
Triple Oak Vineyard
Troon Vineyards
Tukwilla Vineyard
Twill Cellars
Tyee Wine Cellars
Union Wine Company
Upper Five Vineyard
Utopia Vineyard
Valfontis Vineyard
Valley View Winery
Van Duzer Vineyards
Victoiran Summit
VIDON Vineyard
Villa Novia Vineyards
Kittyhawk Vines
Wahle Vineyards & Cellars
Wake Robin Vineyards of Oregon
Walnut Ridge Vineyard
Watermill Winery
Weisinger Family Winery
White Rose Estate
WIllamette Valley Vineyards
William Hardy Vineyard
Wilson Fjord Vineyard
Winderlea Vineyard and Winery
Wine by Joe/Dobbes Family Estate
Winemakers Investment Properties
Witness Tree Vineyard
Wooldridge Creek Winery
Youngberg Hill


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